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Announcements published on this website by the registry courts are made under the provisions of Section 10 of the German Commercial Code or Sections 156 GenG, 5 subsection 2 PartGG and other regulations derived from these provisions as well as announcements under Section 66 of the German Civil Code.

The date indicated as "announced on:" relates only to the first publication of the announcement on this website and does not give any information on any date when the particular announcement has been published in any additional journal provided by the registry courts.

Please note that so far only registry data provided by the individual German federal states that are listed under Federal States are available online!

The search results are limited to 100 hits.

An unlimited search for current "-All Registry Courts-" publications, is available only for a period of four weeks after the publication has been made available. Upon expiration of this period only a detailed search within the whole scope of data is possible. To conduct a search, you must indicate the registry court and at least one of the following entries:

Company/name or registered office/subsidiary or file number of the registry court

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