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What does "Registry Announcements" mean?

This page contains announcements concerning entries made into the companies, cooperatives and partnerships registers within the electronic information and communication system maintained by the judicial administrations of the individual German federal states under Section 10 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and other legal provisions derived from it.


Search Result and Set of Hits

In an unrestricted search, the search result is limited to 100 hits and may not reflect all announcements or the publication sought. The search should therefore be limited by selecting the registry court, the subject of the notice or by entering a date.


What courts publish their information on this website?

The announcements of the registry courts from those German federal states are published here which you will find in the List of federal states. The announcements will be provided on the website as soon as the respective state will have joined the online publication system and will have commenced transferring data that shall be published on this website. The individual registry courts are responsible for the legal entity that is based in the district of jurisdiction for the respective court.


What information can be found in this web presentation?

This web address provides access to any entry that is publicly disclosed and is required to be made public by the courts under Section 10 HGB, Section 156 GenG, Section 5 subsection 2 PartGG and, if applicable, under any other legal provision. In addition, any other entry and regulation shall be published on this site, as may be specifically ordered by the respective court in any specific case. These include also the so-called cancellation announcements. Here are some examples for such entries:

  • Registration of a new legal entity, for instance a new limited liability company (GmbH), with its name, line of business, registered office, common capital stock, persons authorized to represent the company (CEO, authorized signatory) etc.
  • Changes in company.s name, in the location of registered office or other changes occurred in the legal status or relationship of the company
  • Cancellation of the registration of registered companies
  • Announcement of intended cancellations

On these pages both individual registrations and other announcement are being published. Additionally, through this website you can retrieve online any entire registry sheet that will offer all relevant information about any entry pertaining to a specific legal entity. The address of the common registry portal is: .


Are there any other announcements that are being published on this website?

No, you will not find any other announcements on these pages. This internet address provides only access to information that must be made public under the provisions of the German Commercial Code and through prescriptions of the registry courts. For further details please refer to Question no. 3. Announcements of insolvency are made under: .

Announcements that are to be made by the companies themselves are published on the website of the electronic Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) under or on the website of the Business Register under .


When is the published information deleted?

The information published here is saved permanently and will not be deleted. Within the unlimited search results, only such information will be displayed which has been made public during the four previous weeks prior to the date when you have initiated your inquiry. This period begins with the date on which the information has been published on the internet. Therefore, it can occasionally occur that your search will return hits containing information published more than four weeks ago. Although this will probably occur in quite a small number of very specific cases, because usually there is a very short period of time between registration of information and its publishing on the internet.

For further information please refer to Search Help


Can I obtain any other additional information concerning the entries published on the website?

Further information in addition to what has been published here cannot be obtained from this website or directly from the Justice Ministry. In such cases, please contact the local district court that has jurisdiction for the city or town in which the registered office of the company is located.
The same applies to any such case, if, in your opinion, data records published on this website contain false information.

You can determine the respective local district court using the so-called Directory of Locations and Courts .

The registry courts will provide access to information to any person who is not directly involved in a procedure only to the extent provided under Section 9 German Commercial Code (HGB).

Access to information available in the entire registry sheets can be provided through online access to the registry under .


How often is the data being updated?

The data on this website is updated several times every day.


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